Jairus (twiin) wrote in dorkottawa,

Sony HDTV with stand for sale! Can you do any less?

Does anyone want to buy the best 30" CRT ever made?

I'm selling my Sony KD-30XS955, which is the 30" model of the final generation of widescreen CRT HDTVs that Sony ever produced (and retailed for $1200 USD back in the day). This is the single best television ever made for HDTV gaming, which is why I bought it. There's (literally) zero lag, and no burn-in or image retention problems. Movies look better on this TV than all but the very top of the high-end LCDs/Plasmas for sale today.

I love this television more than I love my own family, but it is really fucking big and it won't actually fit up the narrow staircase in the new apartment I'm moving into. So I need to sell it and get something thinner.

First good offer that can come pick it up takes it.
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