Intermittent Kitten (tigertosser) wrote in dorkottawa,
Intermittent Kitten

Windows 7 network sharing

So here's the story:

I can't connect to my Windows 7 computer remotely in any way. It's like it's cut off from the network.

On my home network:
- remote desktop
- file shares
- printer
- cant ping out from that computer either
- media center extenders (for connecting to my xbox)
through the net:
- remote desktop

- attempted connection from vista, xp home, xp pro computers
- was working in the past with windows 7 both on home and internet for remote desktop but had problems remaining connected for more than 5 minutes at a time - would just go unresponsive
- can see the computer in my network places on my home network
- when clicking on the computer in the network list, unable to connect error
- have disabled firewall completely, and also tried letting it through in the settings
- ensured that remote desktop connection settings were enabled in the control panel
- when firewall was disabled completely, was still unable to ping out
- no third party firewalls or anti-virus installed
- tried wireless as well as wired network adapters
- tried with 2 separate routers with same issue
- have I fiddled with every setting in the control panel to try and get this working? You bet!(so I might have clicked the wrong thing here)

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