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Monsterpocalypse events at Fandom II.

Not sure how many other people are into this but I'm trying to drive up interest in organized play. Information on this game can be found at this URL:
For a simple summary it's basically Godzilla the miniatures game.

The following events are upcoming

All your Base Post-Launch Event at Fandom II on Saturday July 25

All You Can Eat: Breathtaking Technology! at Fandom II on Sat Aug 8

Secret Base! at Fandom II on Sat Aug 22

Still Kicking! at Fandom II on Sat Sep 12

The Greenest of Furies at Fandom II on Sat Sep 26

These events are free so if you have Monsterpocalypse miniatures and would like to play, feel free to register an account on the website and sign up for the events. If enough people pre-register before a given deadline, mentioned on each event (the first one's deadline is Sunday July 5th), then there will be prize support. Otherwise, if you missed the pre-registration point, feel free to drop by with your Monpoc forces and play for fun anyways.


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